Imported DXF-make it a solid object

I’ve imported a DXF part into Sketchup from Draftsight. I need this part to be solid so I can make changes to it. It imported into Sketchup with tons of holes in the mesh, and required a lot of fixing. I used SolidInspector2 and Cleanup3 to make these fixes. After the model fixing, SolidInspector2 tells me I have around 10,000 short edges. With other parts I’ve made, SolidInspector2 identifying short edges has usually not prevented Sketchup from recognizing the geometry as an intersected solid part. This is not the case for this particular part. I’ve tried scaling the part to x10E6 scale, as SolidInspector recommends scaling by factors of 10, however nothing changes. Using SolidSolver doesn’t help either. Can someone help show me how to turn this into a solid? NotSolid.skp (6.5 MB)

What units did you have selected when you imported the DXF? I would use meters for something like this.

inches. how would meters change the amt. of short edges?

It wouldn’t change the number of small edges but they wouldn’t be so small that SketchUp would have difficulty with them.