Imported components should retain their Tag folders

Pretty self explanatory…

I make a component, and include lots of tags in folders.
But then I import the component into another model and the tag folders are lost.

I get that there’s a potential challenge in coding this, since two tags may be called the same thing - but I think the solution is to rename the tag Tagname#1 Because its quite easy to merge tags these days.


Yes. This.

I never really noticed before, because usually when I design stuff on a separate file to import later, I don’t use a lot of tags (or at least no folders), but during class today someone imported a file with 50+ tags neatly put into folders, and lo and behold, a mess.

Re tried on mac (this morning it was on a PC), both 23.
Despite tags, I never stopped using my old naming system, mostly because when assigning tags to elements, it’s still just alphabetical order (so if you have, let’s say, doors of the ground floor and doors of the first floor, you NEED to call them 0 dors and 1 doors, despite putting them into folders)
Glad I did.

Original on the left, import on the right. Good job naming system, keeping stuff organised.
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You can manage with prefixes, but that sort of defeats the purpose of a tag folder (or filter)

My Tag folders are often used to separate the tags that come through with imported files, whether they be from SketchUp or other formats.
I sometimes compare two versions or options of a design (eg turn off and on the tags to compare details).

Sometimes there are tags that are named the same thing, eg “detail1” and then it gets confusing. .

yep, shat I used to - and still do

amen to that…

But yeah, it’s quite sad, it makes the whole “make your own library of elements that you can import” messy if you use tag folders. Tag folders are, in the end, mostly cosmetics. to reduce the length of the tag panel I guess. If you only rely on them, you’ll feel pain both while tagging stuff or importing.