Imported 3D Warehouse drawing, Blanked out my model and partially crashed sketchup


I have a building model in Sketchup desktop running windows 10 and have often loaded 3D Warehouse models into this, and other, drawings without any issues. Now when I try to load any 3D model into a drawing it wipes out my model, can’t see the download, unable to draw even a line. I can select components but can’t place them into the drawing screen.

I have check the graphics card and it is functioning properly.


Are you still using SketchUp Make 2017? Can you share a sample SKP file and point to a component you’re trying to insert from the Warehouse?


That sounds a bit like you have somehow gotten a bit of the model very far from the rest. There is a known bug with leader texts that can cause them to do this. As @DaveR said, if you share the model we can check it for this kind of problem.