Import SKP lines in Layout as symbol

Hi there,
seems stupid to me my question, but I don’t see how to use a SKP 2-D Linesymbol in Layout, e.g. using it in the listing of a drawing…

Any good solution?

Please clarify what you are trying to do. What do you mean by " using it in the listing of a drawing…"?

Look at this…


I already made it times ago, but I remember it was not so easy. Crazy, if I just want something from sketchup to layout…it can only be imported as png, maybe from a screenshot. But the lines are quite thin then…

Why don’t you insert the .skp file like you would with any project model?

If I understand the request correctly, you have linework that you drafted in skp and want to turn it into a layout symbol… yes?

To do that you create a scene showing the linework, create the viewport in layout, set it to vector render, then explode the viewport, then the linework is a scaled drawing no longer linked to skp. But it is easier to draft symbols in layout and save them in a scrapbook.

Great Nick,

thanks. That was the solution, in was not in vector mode :+1:
I was in Raster mode, so exploding and scaling would leed to a bad result…