Vector to 3d


I managed to import a vector file.
This vector file is a monochrome 2d shape.

Unfortunately, SketchUp imported it as a line drawing only.

2 questions:

1: How can I fill the 2d shape up again?
2. How can I make it 3d? I’d love to turn it into a triangular profile. If I’m not making sense, I can try to import a simple bitmap here in order to explain what I mean.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can have a look at it?

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My 2D drawing program draws shapes as closed surfaces, but that’s all lost in DWG translation. All that comes through to SketchUp are the lines.

There are two basic strategies to using those lines:

  • Group them if they aren’t already, and simply use them to trace over. As vectored linework, SU can snap to any end or midpoint among them. When you’re done, you can either delete the imported lines or hide them.
  • Use the imported lines and try to build them up into surfaces and 3D shapes. If you’re at the editing context of the individual lines, tracing over some of them will make SU form surfaces from closed loops just as if you drew from scratch. If the lines are grouped, and you’re editing from outside that group, this action won’t happen. Once you have surfaces, you can start using the push/pull tool and moving into 3D.

There are details about whether your imported line come in grouped or not, or whether there are lots of lines crossing over each other that are issues to deal with, but without your specific file, that’s hard to advise.

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Sure, that would work too! :slight_smile:

EBMPeace.skp (199.8 KB)

That sounds like Chinese to a complete newbie like me.

Okay, not a complete newbie, as I did some basic modelling quite some ages ago, but then the programme looked and felt quite different. I understood much better what I was doing back then. But the programme changed so much!

Or perhaps I changed… that might be the case too.

And this is what the profile of the shape should look like.

It’s a very messy drawing I’m afraid and that will make doing what you want virtually impossible. If you can work with square lines, parallel lines, and arcs, I suggest you first tidy it up so that it is a more regular shape. You will then find you can “close” the shape quite easily. If all lines are equidistant, I would draw a centreline between them and then raise it up to get the triangular profile you want. You may have to fiddle with the ends to get the “hipped” ends you show in your last post.

On second thoughts, you might be better off drawing a vertical right angled triangle with the upright side coincident with the centreline, then select an outer edge as a path and use Follow Me. You won’t be able to do the whole shape in one go though. You may find it easiest to make a number of groups and then use Solid Tools to join them.

This isn’t quite it yet but is this along the right lines? If so, you could take this and finish it off.

EBMPeace.skp (247.5 KB)

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Simon’s right. Your model isn’t especially clean but you can get the face by tracing an edge with the Line tool.

I’m not following what you want to do with it after you have the faces. I’m not understanding how the triangles come into it.

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Well, this is EXACTLY what I was going for! Thanks a lot!
It’s perfect! :slight_smile:

It’s a kind of embarrassing… but I don’t understand what you say you don’t understand.

But Simoncbevans has the exact thing that I’m looking for! :slight_smile:

I guess as long as he’s got it, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t look at his file and it might have cleared things up. Moot now.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t value your help, though. I’m most certainly going to try myself what you were showing in that video. It surely is very much what I wanted to do! I might use it as a basis to learn how to use Sketchup again from scratch!

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Have I got one over on the great @DaveR? It was my birthday yesterday so it’s a nice present if I have.

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