Import location not working properly in SU2016


Hi everybody,

I’m Fab from france and have just started to use Sketchup few days ago to design my home. I would like to use “import location” tool in order the have the relief of the field, but the tool is not working at all. When I click on this tool, a window is opening but then, it stays blank… No idea what’s wrong with it…
I’m using Sketchup Make 2016.
Do you have any idea why it’s not working ???
Thanks for your help !!


It’s trying to reach location.html to pull in Maps API data from Google, and for some reason your computer is blocked from doing so. Open IE /Safari for PC/ /Mac to see if yor browser can reach it.


Hey Barry,
When I put his address in my browser I can get google map view, put an adress and select my location until click the "grab"button

Then I click grab button and get stuck to this step… not sure what to do after that.

If I try to access from SU directly, I’m still having a blank pop up from SU and my browser is staying blank also…


Here’s what my browser is displying when trying to add location from SU


and what’s SU is displaying


I notice the path says IE5, have you really not updated since IE5??


No, I’m using Chrome and I’ve been using Firefox for a while. I’ve unsinstalled IE from my computer long time ago and I don’t know why it’s still sending files to this IE remaining folder … ??


SU and any other apps that need the internet use IE…

They have no option, so you must keep it installed and up to date, even if you never use it…


Ok thanks John, I’m gonna try that !!


It’s working now !!!
Many thanks John !


great, now mark it as solved, there’s a button somewhere…