Add location in sketcup 2014 mac not working

I’m trying to add a location in sketchup pro 2014 in mac, I’m selecting the region I want, I’m grabbing it and then the region doesn’t import, it just only stays in the window, nothing seem to happen, no error, no message, nothing…Does anyone have any idea?Thank you!

What version of mac are you using and what is the behavior with SU 2015?

mac version 10.7.5, I haven’t used SU 2015, with SU Pro 2014 everything seems normal except from this.

Katerina014, I am also having the same issue with SketchUp. I too am running Mac version 10.7.5, but SketchUp is 2013. Have you resolved your problem?

I am having the same problem. Hello? Is anyone from sketch up listening?

Unfortunatelly, I haven’t resolved it yet and I had the same issue when I was running Sketchup 2013 rinieto70044. I suppose that there is a problem with the license and agreement… and that’s why I hoped I would find some help here :confused: