Add Location not working in Cape Town

Hi, I am trying to place my model by using ‘Add Location’, but either I get a message saying I am not logged in (I am), or that I am not connected to the internet (I am) or when it does finally open the geo map, the system gets stuck there.

I am in Cape Town, this is the exact location, 33º 49’54.27"S

Can someone perhaps create a new file with this location imbedded in it and send me the file?

It seems, my Mac either has a lack of hard drive space, lack of memory, or is infected with some sort of malware :((

Using SU Pro version 21

Will this work?

For Jens.skp (3.3 MB)

FWIW I got the not signed in message just now. I just logged out of SketchUp and then logged in again and it worked fine.

BTW, could you update your profile? It says you are using 2019.

Hi Dave,

Yes, I tried that too, then also switched off the Mac (not just restarted), to no avail! The area you show is correct. Our site is to the north of the double carriage road, just to the right of the two lakes.

Thanks, have updated the version.

Did the .skp file work for you? Or do you need more toward the right?

What’s with the airplane on the far left?

Thanks for the file, but the site is to the right of the two lakes to the north of the double highway.

the plane, it is quite an interesting story. the plane on the bottom left hand corner is an old DC3 in amongst a scrap heap of old cars. If you look to the north of the dirt track, you will see another plane! I asked the client about the significance of people in this area hoarding old planes! Not the case, the plane shown in the top left hand corner is on its way to Cape Town International - it just happened to be caught in the picture!

Try this:
For Jens.skp (4.9 MB)

Interesting that Google Earth has captured in flight there, too.

Hi Dave,

This is great, thanks!

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My site, in that same vicinity, located fine previously. Perhaps try a repair install? Also, there used to be a manual method of setting the location, have not had use for it yet though.