Import from sketch up to layout raster not working and images disappear when moving to a new layer


Im racking my brain as to why my layout has decided to have a mind of its own, nothing has changed in the las t 2 weeks of using the program but now its having a hissy fit!

I draw my plans in sketch up as usual, putting everything into correct tags etc as I have several I need to transfer into layout.

I select send to layout.

Select my custom template.

The plan imports into layout… now here are the issues.

From the start I scale my plan, nothing happens so presume its at the correct scale.

I select vector for line work, this does nothing - lines still jagged as if their having their own little rebellious fu party in my name.

This is just the start. There is this an exclamation mark both in the sketch up model box and on the drawing, not sure why as everything is set up correctly.

Tried closing everything starting again, same issues.

I add a new layer to change the plan to a new layer, I move plan to layer… it disappears and I can not get it back.

What am I doing, this has always worked for me before. And now it’s just decided to go on strike!

I have saved the file in sketch up every time I have exported to layout so everything should be up to date…

Someone, anyone please help!

Share your LayOut file so we can see what you have set up and get you sorted out.

ESI Plan.layout (1.2 MB)


When I select your viewport it shows the scale as 1:100. What scale do you want it to be set to? I believe there is a bug in the scale setting on Mac but you can overcome it by selecting a different scale, say 1:200 and then go back to the scale you want.

The viewport does show rendered as Vector when I open your LayOut file.

I expect this is the indication of your real issue. It sounds as if you have the Auto box in the SketchUp Model panel unticked. That would result in the scale not changing, the render type not changing, and the yellow triangles. Since you’ve unticked that box LayOut is waiting for you to click the Render button to make those changes to your viewport. If you tick the Auto box, the viewport will render automatically.

Closing LayOut won’t change the state of the tick box.

Where in the layers list are you adding the new layer? If it’s under the Title Block layer and you move the viewport to that layer the viewport will disappear because it’ll be behind the filled rectangle you are using for your page border.

Generally I find it’s best to put title block type stuff on the lowest layers in the list and layers for your viewports, dimensions, labels, and other project specific text farther up in the list. Dimensions and labels should go on layers at the top of the list.

Just a note about your SketchUp model. You should be using groups and components to keep things separated. The groups and components should get tags but all of the edges and faces in the model should remain untagged. Here is the result of fixing the tagged geometry.
Screenshot - 11_28_2022 , 7_36_18 AM

Thank you Dave you are a lifesaver! you was absolutely correct most of my issues was from the Auto Box! What a dunce… appreciate your time in giving me advice! Very much appreciated!!

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I’m glad that got you sorted out. Have a great day.

You to!

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