Import DWG Sketchup Pro 2023

I am trying to import a dwg file into sketchup pro 2023, and it will not do it? it loads for 2 seconds, then an empty white box appears. If I do the same on SU 2022 it works fine. Is this a known bug?

I’m not a developer but I’ve seen on other threads that sketchup migrated to Qt framework for the 2023 version, it’s the first version to implement it and there are some known issues, it’s possible that this could be a bug.

On the other hand I import dwg files all the time, I’ve been using sketchup 2023 since it’s release and haven’t had any issue. Can you share the dwg to check if I can import it?

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the QT migration was on PC. Gkpbydesign’s profile reads they are on mac. And QT migration affected graphical things, it shouldn’t affect the dwg importer.

btw Gkpbydesign, please update your profile, it still says you use SU2019. I get that 2019 was a good year, but you have to let go :wink:

this usually means an issue with the translator, the main issue that I’ve encountered that caused this result was that the DWG was too new. SU2023 contains (in theory) dwg translators compatible with the dwg versions from the end of 2022 - early 2023. but if Autocad releases an update and someone saves a DWG in this new version, it might end up with the white box you describe. It’s usually solved by opening the DWG on a CAD software and saving it as an older DWG version.

However, it shouldn’t open in SU22 then. unlike yours. that’s weird.

Can you confirm it’s a lone occurrence ? just this DWG ?
If so, can you share it with us - or is it a sensitive one ?

any dwg, saved as a 2023, or even a 1997 version. file attached
Kitchen Plan.dwg (2.0 MB)