Import collada file from agisoft

When i imported collada file or 3ds file from agisoft photoscan , i had on my 3d model many triangles. How can i get rid of them?

If you want to visibly hide them: View > Edge Styles > (untick: edges), (untick: profiles)

If you want to reduce the number of triangles: Download Blender, import the file. Select the entire mesh and use the decimate modifier: , export back into SketchUp.

There are also plugins to reduce the mesh but I prefer blender myself rather than a plugin as I can make small tweaks and edits with greater control.

Do you want to reduce geometry or just hide the lines? Use Soften Edges (in Window Menu) and choose an angle that hides the ones you want softened.

I want to hide competely the lines and i dont want to have triangles.

thank you very much!

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