Collada file importing issues


I’ve downloaded collada file from 3d Warehouse because I run older version of sketchup on my PC. So when I try to import the file the object is completely covered in meshed surfaces which takes a Lot of time to select and delete.And it looks something like this

Is there any way to solve this issue?


With CleanUp and then Soften Edges

Thanks for you answer. But if a component has many sub components and groups inside it(like a vehicle I attached above) I need to select each and every surface and then soften it. And this takes a lot of time.

With Curic Deep Select

If you know what you want to do, just search for the extensions you need.

Fixit 101 followed by Soften in real time.
Fixit and soften

You could download the 2018 version on your Mac, and Save As to an older format for your PC.

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Its still taking lot of time to select edges. But I guess it reduces physical strain of selecting individual groups and softening them

Cleaning and softening… 30 seconds (for 321.876 edges, 95.514 faces, 177 components)

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I installed the extension but couldn’t find the its toolbar in my mac pc.

Oh god all Mac softwares are pain in the ass.

Oh so just cleanup extension is sufficient then.

Yes, I could do that. Thank you

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