Tidying imported SubD - Geometry

is there a way or plugin to quickly soften/hide the imported edges ( all segmented edges) aside of holding SHIFT+Del ? Also, does SketchUp generally import better object transformed into Meshes?



select your object, right click (or ctrl click on mac) and pick soften/smooth edges or simply go to its dedicated dialog. check Soften coplanar and play with the angle between normals slider if needed.

You can also use cleanup³ by Thomthom, available in the extension warehouse (you’ll also need to install TT_Lib² in order to use it)

about your last question, it is not clear. You need to tell us more : in which software do you want to transform objects into meshes before importing them in sketchup ?

thanks cleanup3 is nice plugin! regarding the 2nd question, the software I am importing from is Rhinoceros, and the geometries I would like to import are meshes, nurbs or subD

i haven’t used rhino for 10 years or so, but apparently the right workflow is to convert surfaces into meshes and then use the REDUCEMESH command in rhino before exporting to avoid ending up with too complex geometry

good ! forget about the reduce mesh cmd ! thanks