Clean up faces on .dwg imports


Could anyone help me to clean up these imports and to potentially reduce the size as well? They were only available with .dwg and I find that these file extensions are not completely compatible with Sketchup.
I have tried using the 'CleanUp" extension, which didn’t seem to have any effect. Also I have tried the ‘coplanar faces’ option upon import. However, none of these options have worked.

Here’s a copy of my file if anyone has the time to look at it.

Thanks a mil,


import test.skp (15.5 MB)

You might consider opening the component first and then selecting all of the geometry followed by a right click on it and Soften/Smooth edges. That’ll take care of most of it.

These components look like they could stand some very serious paring down. No need for the complex surfaces on the underside of the thing nor the frames with the legs.

You might have a look at the Skimp extension. It would be able to go through your component and simplify it.

The reason CleanUp or “Remove coplanar edges” doesn’t have any effect is that the faces in the model are not coplanar.
To reduce the polygon count of these models the only way is to either model them anew or to use a polygon reducing extension like Skimp. I tried it with Rhino but the result was not too good.
Dave’s advice about softening is good.

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That’s fantastic. Thank you Dave - it worked like a dream. I should have tried that simple function first ha.

Thank you Anssi. That gives me clarity about the ‘coplanar’ thing.
I’ll try the Skim extension.