Which Extension to eliminate unnecessary facets?

Hello Forum,
I received some detailed 3d models (stl) from a client to render, but with tons of faces. This causes problems in my renderings-software. With “soften edges” inside SketchUp I don´t get a properly mesh. So - which extension could I use?

Thanks in advance!

tt CleanUp - SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Soften and smooth



Thanks a lot mihai.s! :+1:
It worked!

Even if CleanUp made the model look ok, I would reimport the STL and choose the merge coplanar faces option. That might immediately look ok, or at least give CleanUp less things to fix.

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And if the scale is very small, I would suggest using a larger import unit.

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Thanks a lot Guys!

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