Sketchup function to lower polygon/face/edge count of a selected object?

We are trying to help a bunch of users who have heavy objects (face/edge count) already in their model.
Without re-doing their entire model, does Sketchup have a built in function to reduce these elements on a per object basis?
I know there are plugins such as Skimp which is paid for.
I am curious to know if there are free plugins or any functions that can be used within Sketchup itself to optimize already bloated objects within the model?

Many of these ‘objects’ are imported from Rhino that seem to be causing this issue.

No. There is no built-in function for that. Skimp is the best option. For the time it can save it would be well worth the price.

That’s not surprising then. Might be able to export lower res files from Rhino.

I am curious to know if there are free plugins …

This extension (by @SamuelTS) allows the import of more than 50 different 3D formats with an on-the-fly polygon reduction feature.

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The default NURBS to mesh conversion in Rhino produces very dense meshes. That is why I always convert the geometry to meshes and then use the Rhino reducemesh function on them prior to exporting to SKP.