Mesh to Solid? or import as solid at least

Hi, so I have a model made in Rhino mac and exported as .3ds and imported from Sketchup to get sharp shadows. but then the model is always imported as mesh, so the resulting model is full of mesh lines that are not desired…so I’m just wondering if there is a way to transform mesh to solid in SU or at least imported as solid instead of mesh…anyhow, I just need to get rid of those mesh lines for clean, sharp shadows…


You can probably select the entire model and use the Soften slider to soften the edges. Seeing an example SKP file would make it easier to give you exact direction.

when importing use the Merge coplanar option…


SketchUp is a mesh modeler. Everything in SketchUp is a mesh (well, except for construction lines and costruction points maybe).

In the SketchUp world solid refers to a closed mesh but I assume you mean a different entity type, coming from Rhino.

What you can do is to use the Soften Smooth Edges feature (accessed from context menu) to hide edges and blend the normal mapping of the adjacent faces. This changes the apperance of the mesh.

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