Import rhino to sketchup

I imported a file from Rhino into Sketchup Pro and the model look like a wireframe not solid. I tried to change the view of the model to solid and it still doesn’t work. Does anyone know why it looks this way? I need help to change it.

Check what View, Edge Style, Back Edges is set to.

How? Did you export a SKP file from Rhino or use some other intermediary file format?
In Rhino, if you are dealing with curved objects, I would convert the surfaces to meshes and then use the mesh reducing command before saving as SketchUp. Otherwise it tends to create a mesh that is impractically dense for SketchUp.

Yes I exported the rhino file as a skp but it just look likes a wireframe and I have lots of curves in my model so maybe that’s why and I need it to look like a solid

Can you attach the Rhino and resulting SketchUp file here so I can take a look?