Images/Symbols on curved surface

I’m working on one of my daughter’s projects while she is away with the Air Force and I did promise her I’d be finished by the time she came home. Now I’m in a state of panic as I realise she’ll be back tomorrow and I’ve stumbled across something I thought would be a piece of cake.

What I’m trying to do is to place a typical squadron symbol onto the tailplane of an aircraft, and now I find it isn’t as easy as I thought. The first image is the png. symbol and the second image is roughly where I want it to be.

A lot depends on the geometry of the shape you want to put it, but here is a simple version using a two part ‘aerofoil’.
The image needs to be imported or drag and dropped into the file and depending on how this is done it will be an image or a material. In this case I have simply exploded it to make it a material, there are other ways.
Align the image with where you want it placed.
I’ve use a simple block the same size as the image to create edges in the geometry to limit where the material will be placed.
Then painted it on.
If your geometry is more complex there may be more you need to know.


Many thanks for that. If I don’t get to use it, I know my daughter will.

@Box does this work in the same way with png. images? I’ve tried the same principal, no success though.

It should be the same.
Attach a model and .png if you want it checked.

Edit: I just realised your image above (the one I used in the gif) is a .png, so perhaps your question is wrong.

When I tried it, on the wrapped surface of my oil filter, it worked as far as pasting it in place, only that the background of the rectangle was blank, as in clear.

filter.skp (1.5 MB)

Since the pixels surrounding the text is transparent, of course the surface you are applying the texture to is going to show that parts as transparent. If you don’t want the surface to be transparent you need to make the pixels surrounding the text opaque.

Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply Dave. I haven’t been well of late. So, I think my age is catching up with me, or that I’m just completely dense. If I’m trying to place an image on a coloured surface, how do I make that image (png) opaque? This is what I’ve been trying to achieve without any luck so far.