How to texture an airplane?!

Hello everyone,

can anybody show me how to texture a writing and a logo of a plane in SketchUp?

I’m sure we can but you need to give more detail. Show us your SketchUp model so we can see what you are trying to do exactly.

this is my model. I hope you can help me. I need the writing and the logo of the plane. I have marked it for you.

Do you have the logo of the airline as an image? You can apply it to the surface of the fuselage as a texture.
Read: Especially see the bottom of the page regarding creating your own materials.

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can you perhaps post a video tutorial how to do it? my english is not so well.

I’m sorry. I don’t have time right now to make a video for you but you can find lots of videos on this topic if you search You Tube. Start here.

I have seen these video, but they couldnt help me…Please i would be so grateful to you if you show me.

You’ll have to wait until I have time unless you want to hire me to do it.

how long would it take for me to wait?

Probably a few days or a week or so before I will have time to make a video.

The type of texture you’re adding is often called a decal, and you should be able to find videos on how to make those. Here’s one example (comes with classical music too):

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As mentioned, there are many videos pertaining to the use of custom textures in SketchUp. I would advise you have a look at a few to familiarize yourself. That said, here is a quick video I created to help you see one way of applying a texture to a curved surface.



thank you very much… is it the same procedure with the logo?

Yes exactly the same.

i would like to hire you…Do you have an email adress, where i can reach you?

You can contact me by private message.

Can you please show me how to do the tail of the plane. I tried it like in your video but i messed it up. I would be so grateful to you my friend.

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