Curved banner issues


Hi All,

I’m having difficulties inserting a banner (texture) to a curve or even creating a curve… ill attach image of where i want the banner.

Any help would be appreciated!


I assume you want the banner to fit between the top and bottom rails, no?

An easy way to do that with native tools is to draw an arc matching the curve on the top of the lower rail. Draw a line to connect the ends of the arc and you should have a face you can extrude with Push/Pull up to the height of the banner. Delete the original straight line and the new one at the top and you’ll be left with a curved surface.

Then you should be able to apply the banner texture to the surface.


Thanks for your help, i think ive mastered that! Now im having difficulties positioning and changing the size of the texture.

Usually i can right click - hover over texture - then click position, however it appears its not appearing on curves…


Texture will only show in in the Context menu if you are dealing with a single face. Your curved surface is made up of multiple curved surfaces. Expose the Hidden Geometry (View menu) and select a single face. You should be able to then choose Texture and adjust the size. After you’ve done it for a single face, you can sample that one and apply it to the other ones.

There’s an easier way but I have to take a call. I’ll describe that easier way shortly.


OK. I’m back.

The easier way is to import the texture image at the right size to begin with. In my example, I drew the surface for the banner and then got its length by selecting one arc and looking at Entity Info. Then I drew a rectangle to that length and the Push/Pull height. After that, I imported the image (via File>Import) as a texture and applied it to the rectangular face starting at the lower left corner and dragging to the right edge. This automatically makes the texture the length of the banner surface. After that you can apply it to the surface of the banner. Sometimes I find that I still need to reposition the image by exposing the hidden geometry and adjusting one face first but at least it is the right size.

FWIW, when I create other textures such as the wood grain textures, i use the same basic idea. For those textures, however, I draw rectangles to the size of the board from which the image was made. For example, I might have a bunch of images from a 12 foot long mahogany log. I’ll make some rectangles that are 12 feet long. (width doesn’t really matter because it’ll take care of itself) and apply the images. No screwing around with editing the materials after they are imported. I find this method faster, especially when I’m making 4 to 8 textures from a single log.


Thanks for your help its much apreciated :smile:


Happy to help. Good luck with your project.