Image Set Export Transparency

It seems that the batch export option in File > Export > Animation > Image Set doesn’t have a “Transparent Background” option.
Is it really so or am I doing something wrong? I’m trying to make a transparent GIF loop from 4 scenes but the background colour interferes with the workflow. This is on Windows.

Have you tried setting the scenes’ style[s] background[s] to be ‘pure white’ [255,255,255] with no sky/ground ?

Hello TIG. Just tried your suggestion. My sky/ground is disabled but I tried a white background. I still get the same result. :anguished:

Are you exporting as PNG files?
That might give what you want.
Then you assemble the PNG files into a GIF…

Sorry, I forget to mention full details every time. Yes it’s PNG. I also tried changing the resolution. Does setting the background to RGB: 255 255 255 automatically remove the background?

It depends on the app used to assemble the GIF…
So if a ‘white’ background of 255,255,255 doesn’t work try ‘green’ 0,255,0
See this

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Thanks a lot TIG. I’ll see what I can do.

One side question. This checkmark in the first screenshot, “Always prompt for animation options”. I never understood what it’s supposed to do. Turning it on or off doesn’t seem to make any changes. What’s its purpose?

Me neither [and I’ve been here forever :wink:]

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but by checking this, the “Options…” dialogue will always show up even if you don’t click the “Options…” button (When you hit that “Export” button). If you don’t have it checked, then it won’t show unless you click the “Options”…

Its kinda like the Welcome to SketchUp checkbox which is “always show on startup”