Can the background be transparent when exporting animation scenes?

I am attempting to export an animation video as individual scenes with the background transparent and the model being the only thing that is on the exported .PNG. I found instructions on how to do it in 2013, but the button is gone from the animation exporter window in 2015. Anybody know if this is still possible?

I may have found the answer to my own question. You don’t have the capability to make the background of a video transparent with SketchUp for windows. You can only use this feature if you have a Mac OS system. Well… that is just not cool…

I think if you make the scenes’ backgrounds pure white [with no ground or sky] then if you export as PNG the background is taken as transparent.
If you export the animation as a series of images [PNGs] then the resultant set should be have transparent backgrounds.
You then need to combine these into any animated movie file - there are PC exes to do this…


Thanks for replying TIG. Unfortunately I attempted that, turning the background pure white and then exporting the video as .PNGs, yet just ended up getting a white background around my model when I opened up the images.

I am surprised.
But at least you could now batch process those PNGs to replace the pure-white with a transparent alpha-channel ?
There are Photoshop and Gimp add-ins - or even apps to do it with no preprocessing ?

Then you can combine them into a movie ?

Old thread on setting up a green screen animation.