Image groups/tags becomes invisible when editing other groups/tags

So, I am new to Sketchup and currently taking the free landscape course by Sketchup, which is to model a park.

I have a grading plan (which is an image imported then grouped) under the model as reference. Now I’m trying to edit the path walk (which is a group), and I need the grading plan to be visible during this process as reference. But it just keep disappearing when I enter the path walk group. Also, they are with different tags, so I’m not sure if this is the problem among groups or tags.

But, when I enter the grading plan group, the other park groups above it are still visible. And this confused me.

landscape.skp (12.6 MB)

I haven’t looked at your model but it sounds like you may have the problem of the Image not being an image anymore.
Here is a quick example, same photo, one on the left is as imported the one on the right has been exploded and grouped.
Explode image

Then I wonder the purpose he exploded and grouped it in the tutorial. So I think I’ll just leave the image as an image.

Thank you so much, Box🙏

@Box Ok, I just watched back the tutorial and the image needs to be exploded and grouped, so that it can be resized with tape tool, without affecting other groups. But an image cannot be grouped by itself without exploding it.


what you can then do is cut your image (as a group) and paste it in place in your path walk group.
That way you’ll still be able to edit your path walk group having the image non editable as a background.
You might then want to cut/paste it back outside of the group for tag management matters

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Just add an edge and group it with the image, then open that group and resize with the tape and it will just resize the image group. You can even delete the edge once it is a group.

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This could be another way too. Appreciate it!

Ahh, thanks a lot!!