Tags - groups disappear

When I copy a drawing with tags and groups to a new file groups disappear?

What do you mean by copying a drawing to a new file? Do you mean that you copy everything in a drawing and paste it into a new file, or maybe you save a copy of a file and rename it?

And it isn’t clear to me what disappears. Grouped objects in the model? Or tag groups in the new model?

Upload a copy of your .skp files - original, and copy - so someone can have a look to see what’s going on.

Yes i copy everything in a drawing and paste it into a new file and the groups disappear

Do you mean the tag folders disappear?

Yes tag folders disappear

You would get a more useful answer if you would upload the .skp files, as previously requested.

So it’s not the groups as your original post and title indicate.

This is a known issue. Hopefully it will be resolved in an update.

FWIW your profile indicates you are still using SketchUp 2018. Perhaps you could update that information and add the graphics card.

This is a situation where careful use of language is required. “Group” has a specific meaning in SketchUp. It is not equivalent to “tag folder”. As @DaveR wrote, this tag folder behavior is a known issue that the developers are aware of.

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Thanks - yes I hope they do soon - as it’s a big problem when using templates

yes yes there are groups and components and then there are tag and tag folder :smile: