Visibility of textures when in a group?

Hi all!

Just wondering, is there a way or setting to choose so that one is able to view photos textures when editing inside a group?

For example, in the attached, I would love to be able to see the underlying plans when editing within the group I have created for my geometry?

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Forgot to add photos!

Instead of making the “underlying plans” a texture you should just import it as an image and leave it as an image. Then you will be able to see it when a group or component is being edited.

Ah thank you, so thats my problem! Cheers.

I made them a texture as split up the images and placed into different groups but guess I can do that in Photoshop and reimport.

Thanks again.

Even if you want to split the image into separate parts, you can still leave them as images.

I made this example showing an image as reference from a thing I’m working on at the moment.

Thanks Dave, gotcha.

I split the image up in SU so I could get the GF and 1F plans into seperate groups, as the below.

Do that in an image editor if you need to. Then import both as images.

FWIW, there is not a setting to make textures outside of a group/component context remain visible while editing the object.

Thanks Sir, perfectly understood. Much appreciated. :smile:

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You can assign the image to specific tags and toggle these “image tags” on / off as desired.

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