Viewing reference images outside of group context, while editing group?

I’ve imported some jpeg images (as images, not textures) to use as reference material in a Sketchup model. If I group some geometry I’m modeling and then go inside the group to edit, the reference images disappear. I’ve tried exploding the images and then regrouping them, and that doesnt seem to solve the issue. The “frame” of the image looks like it remains (grayed out), but the surface disappears so I can’t use it as reference.

Is this by design? Are there any workarounds?


You must not be leaving the image as an image. Otherwise it would display as an image even when a group or component is open for editing. If you explode it so the image becomes a texture, it won’t show if it isn’t in the same editing context as the geometry you are working on.

Here is an example. The image was inserted as an image and left as an image.

And here I’ve exploded the image. It becomes a texture on a face.

Thanks for the reply. So if I explode and then regroup it, it is no longer an image? I was thinking if I exploded the image it was a texture, but if I regrouped it, it would behave as an image again.

That must be my issue…I’ve been exploding the images so I can move edges and trim down to what I need.

It sounds like I need to do all the editing before I import it, then just leave it alone once it’s imported.

Thanks again!


No. Then it’s a group with a texture face and four edges inside it.

Yep. If there’s excess stuff in the image, crop it in an image editor before importing it and then leave it alone once it’s in SketchUp.