IFC Export Material

How does SketchUp export the attribute’Material’ to IFC?

If the material is applied at the face level of a component as advocated by SketchUp only a default material, which is the status at the component level, is exported to IFC.

How should material be applied for IFC export?

Hi, in my experience, if you “paint” a group or component it’s color or texture will export with the .ifc correctly, if however you “paint” only a given face or two in a group or component, then there is no export of that color or texture… Hope that helps.

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So for the glass of a window; it needs to be a group or a component, coloured like glass from the outside of the component, but it can also be inside another component that is coloured.

Usually if I get problems I just color the groups inside and leave my top level group uncoloured.

And standard advice from sketchup on colouring dont apply, as they dont fit with the ifc logic, I guess.