Export and Import IFC - Colors

I’m having some trouble with the passing of colors/materials in IFC export.
It seems that components with only faces without material but a material at component level correct works for the IFC export/import.
But as soon as there are nested components or faces in the component have their own color, then I get by import from the exported IFC no or one of the face colors randomly as color for the whole component.
Anyone an idea what this is or how to do this?

I don’t think IFC supports face materials but that the colour an IFC viewer uses to display elements is based on their classification.

For Faces yes, i think your right. But on a single component with a color, its still the same color after exporting and again importing.
I did a test with 3 unique components in the colors red, white and bleu. All have thier own color after re-import.
then i wrap/nest them in a new component. Then the color after re-import is for all one off the nested components…

Yes seems like for now it works only for colors (not materials as @Anssi stated). You may open an IFC file after an export and most likely you will find a line with a similar code:
87 = IFCCOLOURRGB($, 1., 3.96078431372549E-1, 3.96078431372549E-1);
This line defines a color (not a material) of a whole component (IFCFACETEDBREP).
So after re-import of such IFC SketchUp assigns this RGB color to a whole component. But it will be another SketchUp material (something like <auto>) not an initially assigned material, so it will just look the same as an initial material.
Seems like technically IFC specification itself is able to store styling information (i.e. RGB colors for example) for each face individually (not only for a whole boundary representation), but it is not yet implemented in IFC export/import.

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