IESVE Plugin error 2023

I’ve downloaded the IESVE 2022 and SketchUp Pro 2023 in education plan. When I intsll IESVE plug-in for SketchUp, the system notices “You require an installation of SktechUp to install this plug-in.Please install at least one of these products before attempting to install this plug-in.” and “IESVE 2023 Sketchup Plug-in Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run the setup wizard again.”.Please help to fix the problem.

According to your profile you’re using the free version, it’s not possible to install plug-ins on the web version, you must have either the Sketchup pro or Sketchup Studio version installed in your pc or mac.

It isn’t web version.It is SketchUp Pro 2023 in software version.

I have no idea what that plugin is… also your profile data and post did not tell us what operating system you use and where the plugin is downloaded from…

So, just for general advise if you are on Windows:

  • Download a fresh copy of the latest installer from here:
  • Make sure no Sketchup is running. (Perhaps restart your computer)
  • Right click on downloader installer file (SketchUpStudio-2023-1-340-117.exe) and chose Run as administrator
  • When prompted chose Repair
  • Let the installation finish then restart your computer.

Now, you can try to install the plugin I guess it should be the 64-bit version from here:

Version 2022 probably looks for an installation of SketchUp 2022, that’s why it would probably fail, right now.
It will look for a plugin folder in the ProgramData ( as opposed to the personal AppData where ‘regular’ extensions are installed)

If you don’t have the right information we can’t give you the right solutions. Are you using windows or Mac? What version of windows or MacOS? What are the specs of your machine? What gpu does it have?

All that information should be in your profile.

According to you must have installed the latest version of a software called VE, virtual environment, to be able to install the sketchup plugin.

I am using Window 10 Home.GPU of my computer is AMD Ryzen 7 3700U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.30GHz. The RAM of my computer is 8GB(64 bit).

Correct your forum profile.

You updated some of it but unless you’re using cracked software you aren’t using the Free Plan of SketchUp. Please correct that, too.