IES Plugin error

Hi all,

I’ve downloaded the IESVE 2016 Sketchup Plugin 64 bit from IES knowledgebase. When I try to install the plug in, it pops up with an error saying ‘You require an installation of Trimble SketchUp 2015 64-bit or Trimble Sketchup 2016 64-bit to install this plug-in. Please install at least one of these products before attempting to install this plug-in’

I work on a virtual machinw and I already have Sketchup 2015 64-bit installed on it. What do I need to do? please help!

Many thanks,


You should contact IES and ask them. This sounds like an issue with how they test for an acceptable installation of SketchUp when you use a virtual machine.

Problem solved - i’ve updated the IES to 2016 version and that solved the issue

interesting, AFAIK SketchUp isn’t officially supported in virtual environments