Load error message when trying to install an extension


I just bought an edu license for Thea renderer for Sketchup. I use edu version of SketchUp 2015 Pro ,64 bit. When I install Thea extension files to default directory:

“C:\Users<my_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp [n]\SketchUp\Plugins”

and then start SketchUp to finalize and use extension, I get a load error pop-up window, which I screen-captured and saved under the following link:

Then when I close this pop-up window and continue, I can see Thea extension under Window—>Preferences—>Extensions, but I cant use it, theres no menu for Thea, no Plugin tab or anything.
Also Solid Iris Technologies, creator of Thea, says on thier website that it is 2015 Make/Pro compatible.

Could you help please?




Perhaps it would be more helpful to ask the question to Solid Iris Technologies or their forums?


It looks like an incompatibility with 32 and 64 bit set-up / files.
What version of SketchUp do you have ? v2016 64bit
What version of Thea did you install ? the latest…
So are they compatible ?
I suspect it’s installed as 32 bit - hence the issue…



Thank you for your replies.

Yes, It`s was installed as 32 bit hence the issue.
Thank you for your help!