ID created Account created Free version

After finished my account nothing happened. Only a rotating picture. What can I do?

I looked at your account, and something seems strange about it. There are no entitlements, not even for the Free version. Also there is no admin for the account.

See if you are able to sign into this page, and let me know what products you have in your list:

Hello Colin, many thanks for your fast reply. I was able to open that link you sent. Indeed there isn’t any product. Can you tell me how I can get the free version? I opened the website and chose the free version. I have seen a hint on the website that it looks like that I am not in North America located. What ever that means.

Hello again, could be I was stupid. I wanted to open the software with MSN browser. I tried out Google and so I was able to open the software. Many thanks for helping. Sometimes one is blind. Sorry Regard Werner

a question. I worked more than 20 years with Catia and Pro-E as an engineer in construction (as a freelancer) I mastered surface and solid construction very well. I’m trying to learn the program. If a surface is gone, how can I renew it? The positioning on a surface of a sketch can no longer be changed either. I was used to combining different parts into one product and then possibly blending them together or something else. How can I load a component into another model? A tip where to read would be helpful. Thank you for the effort. Regards Werner

Just draw over an edge and the face will form again.
I’m not sure what you mean by your other question. Maybe it’s best to start at to learn the basics. Without the basics your just jumping into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim…
Sketchup is not like a lot of other 3D programs, it’s possible you have to unlearn some habits.

Hello again, ok! many thanks. I have got it. I am going to try again. Also I am going to start learn. Have a niche Sunday. Regards Werner

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Your account looks more normal now. If you went back to the account management page you would now see SketchUp Free.

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