Icons missing at top of forum pages

There are a bunch of icons missing at top of forum pages for twitter, etc.

Only the icon for the SketchUp Help Center is visible.

Yeah, the social media icons are missing today. To me that is no loss, as I never saw a need to go from the forum to any of those platforms. YMMV, of course…

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I’m also seeing it and it’s quite annoying. Instead of a whole row of icons lying neatly towards the right side of the page, there’s a single one floating randomly in mid space. I don’t even care about the buttons but the layout is horrendous!

The buttons are still there though, just invisible/transparent.

Ah, I hadn’t tried floating the cursor over those areas. Indeed, the links are still there but invisible. That seems like an error in the layering of content on the page.

Also the page’s font size has shrunk by about 10% !
Someone is messing with a css ??


I found a Discourse thing about this. I’ve posted a question there.

The icons seem to be back.

For your interest, there was something that was deprecated months ago, and a few days ago that feature was removed. Someone at Discourse fixed the affect icons earlier today.