Top Bar Sketchup Community Icon


This icon seems very small.
The snip is from Chrome browser on a Win 8.1 machine

(edit) duh, I forgot the image.



What icon, on this site (forum)?
(I see just three text labels, BLOG FACEBOOK TWITTER, although I have to admit their usefulness feels not worth yet another, otherwise empty top bar).
What snip? You can edit and add it to your post.


I admit to being antediluvian, but I also don’t see the value of eating up screen real estate with these links on every page.


Just an addition to this thread really


I think that it shrinks when you scroll down and you can see the thread title and group in the same space that the “Sketchp Community” title took up.


Ah, I see, the SketchUp logo used to toggle between logo with text to logo only with thread title. It looks like first image file is now used in place of the second one, but there is not enough space so the discourse forum scales it down. @AlexB, it should be a copy of the first one (so it blends perfectly when scrolling), but cropped from the right to 55×55px.


I did scale it down but it still does that.