[Issues & Suggestions] New Blog on the sketchup.com domain

This topic will serve as a thread for Issues & Suggestions for the new blog on the sketchup.com domain.

It can be found at: blog.sketchup.com

It replaces the old SketchUpdate blog on the Google blogger platform.

I find it annoying that the datelines are not displayed in the synoptic list, and then all the way down at the bottom of every article.

Pulitzer must be rolling in his grave. :wink:

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Has a dead link to the old Google groups.
At the bottom of the article “this thread” has a dead link.
It should point here to the “SketchUp” category.

@Tommy: FYI old SketchUp & LayOut v8 icons still available via Google redirect:

@Tommy: More dead links to Google Moderator, and Google groups:

Thanks, @DanRathbun!

@Josh – Could you take a peak at the blog threads that Dan pointed out. For the links to the old Google Groups posts, one idea I have is to put a bracketed comment that the links are no longer available. So for example,

Have questions about SketchUp Make? We’ll be listening here and on this thread [ our apologies – this thread is no longer available ] in our help forum.

If you have another idea on ways to could fix these blog posts, feel free to try 'em out.

Well Google Moderator is defunct, and any old forum links should now point here to the Discourse forum.