Menus changing, .. not for the better


The Menus are suddenly changing, … and not for the better.

I very much liked the notifications menu being separate (with the balloon icon.)

The avatar menu no longer has a logout link on it. This will force me to go to my profile page possibly multiple times per day, just to log out.

Compressing these things together into a smaller space makes no sense !
They are disparate functions. I go to my avatar to change profile or access features of my profile.

Notifications are about my content (topics, replys, messages, etc.) They have nothing to do with my profile.
Suddenly I am missing notifications of messages, because there is no balloon icons anymore.

Not happy!

Why these things are changing (along with adding silly icons that lead elsewhere,) when more important things like the forum search need updating.


And in the meantime the collection of pop media buttons at the top is steadily increasing!


I don’t know what reddit is (7th icon from the right) and wasn’t able to find out after some minutes, but the title bar of that linked page is “Google SketchUp” which says a lot …


I’m not seeing any [anti] social media links on Safari…
I just get Home, Blog and Help…
I feel excluded…
is it my breath?


One-click logout is an absolute necessity on a page with a login, and this is the first I have seen without one.



You have to click the gear icon after you click your profile picture, to get redirected to the log out block. Found it funny if this is anew updated feature, if you do click the 4th icon (Reddit-thingy) it loads as Google Sketch Up

… what Trimble is out already!! full of surprises!!


Is there some logical flow of events that would take someone from a SU question to a social media icon, or are they just there in case someone is suddenly overwhelmed by a spontaneous impulse to tweet or toot or whatever? It’s funny, but I never missed them when they weren’t there.



The most annoying thing is the site is changing without ANY notice nor warning, and it does so in the midst of my session. So it gets frustrating when one minute I’m using a menu, and the next the menu is gone in one tab, but still present in another.

I understand that changes generally happen late night or early morning, but some prior announcement in Meta would be respectful, at the very least.


The list is constantly growing…


I don’t have them blocked at all, maybe Safari knows my inner thoughts…


I have never clicked on any but one of the icons in the upper row. I hardly know what most of them represent and am not inclined to navigate to any of them from this location. (Maybe the possible exception would be the SketchUp website home page avatar,the one at the top left…but even this one is not clearly identified as it does not employ the current SU logo.)

Why any of these links are provided is questionable and it seems more logical to completely eliminate all of them.

I echo @DanRathbun’s sentiments about the preference to maintain the notification balloon and maintaining the ability to logout without having to click on the profile avatar!


It turns out that I do have the ‘Add Blocker’ filter
Antisocial filter list (removes social media buttons) checked…
It doesn’t work on all sites, so I had forgotten I set it…


I have been trying to get admin access to the Reddit thread but so far no luck. So until I do – I can’t update the Google bit…

There are, it’s super secret community business. And your comment is somewhat accurate I do hope someone “is suddenly overwhelmed by a spontaneous impulse to tweet or toot or whatever?”. Not sure about the toot bit though…lol

Totally understandable! I will try to take more initiative on this and give you guys some warnings.

For us 20somethings, it’s easy to identify right away…but I understand it can be overwhelming if you do not know what they all are. I have thought about combing it down to perhaps half of what is up there now but I wanted to show how big, and vast our community is and how many different “platforms” we are on…

One Trick – if you hover over the icon, you can see the url in the bottom right.


Wait five years.

Do you recall how stupid “tweeting” sounded five or ten years ago? (Actually, it still sounds pretty stupid.)



They are a bit silly sounding sometimes…!


Once a week I get an email to my Google address to update my Twitter profile… funny is I don’t have one!!! …Peace…


Toot Sweets!
The eatable, tweetable treats!

it’s not that new…


Hey, even though I no longer qualify as a 20 something, friends always “accuse” me of being as cool as the next guy :wink: . It’s just that I really don’t care what somebody else ate for breakfast or where the next pop up event is gonna be. Sorry, except for LinkedIn, I have absolutely no desire to use twitter, farcebook or any of the other social media connections.


Thanks for the reminder! We are missing LinkedIn! :slight_smile:


IMHO… worst offenders award goes to Linkedin, it’s cradle to the grave and they ‘own’ your contact list…

check your terms of service …

to remove yourself from there mailing list only takes about 18 months and threats of legal action, I did that…