Is it a good idea?

to program the site to display icons of attached files on each topic, according to their type.

In this main page of the site the user could also preview the file by hovering the mouse over the file icon and be directly falls to the respective comment within the topic when clicking on a certain icon (GIF, for example)

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I like the idea, maybe a version of the skp file could be added, as well.

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.mp4, .gif, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .skp, .LayOut, .grt, .xlsx. .cvs…etc

It could get messy in some of the larger topics that have multiple attachments. Maybe an icon to show it has (movie/image/file) attachments would be enough.

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or maybe just the main icons: gif, skp, link to a video (youtube…), image (not specific if it´s jpg, png, etc).:slightly_smiling_face:

… and I think of icons like these, in gray color and small icons:

For new forum user it could be overwhelming. For me simple is better :wink:

Just don’t use cake as an icon.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: why?

This is about me :wink:

Check last post’s here Out of the Box - #117 by g.h.hubers


Features like this either need to already be a Discourse plugin or they need to be requested as a core change to the Discourse engine at

I’m sorry for my ignorance but now I do not understand anything else! Is not from Sketchup? Is this another site to which SketchUp Forum is based?

No, does not belong to Trimble. It is a company that created a forum engine (programmed in Ruby) named Discourse. Other companies or persons can use the discourse engine for their own forums either on their own site, or hosted by and on discourse servers.

The SketchUp forums (AFAIK) happen to be hosted (transparently) on servers, but are accessed via a subdomain URL.

So, if you want new core features for the Discourse forum engine, you need to convince the people who “own” Discourse. If the feature can be implemented as a Discourse plugin then first check if a plugin already exists, and if not request it in the proper category at


Okay, nice to know. As Sketchup has a topic specifically for this I will leave my suggestion right here. If someone on the team thinks the idea has a future then let that person bring it to the Discouse, because it will have more credibility there than I do.

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Exactly, McNeel and Dynamo are using same Discourse engine.