IanT's Experimental Gallery



After a little research I’ve managed to create something that contains only quads that resembles a stool kind of shape. After realising what were required to do that, the plot thickened and I ended up using Quad Face Tools and Vertex Tools to help along the way. It isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s a start…


I’ve been involved in and heavily inspired by some of the stuff going on in Out of the Box lately, mainly involving spirals of sorts and the True Bend extension.

Although Spirix is more than capable, I thought I’d attempt a 360 deg helix with the “True Bend” and Curve Maker" extensions to see how that panned out. The main difficulty I had were getting the ends to align with Follow Me. I couldn’t get a perfect result whichever way I seemed to try and ended up manually fixing the join using the Line tool and softening the edges.

It was only fractionally out and I suppose you would never notice without having a really close look. Things like that do bug me though, I’ve attached a file with an explanation for anyone that’s interested or has any thoughts…



A few SUBD dice renders, I applied 0.10 crease factor to all the edges to hold the cube a little more square…


A few more SUBD concept dice thrown on the table.

Quite amusing, I were just sat back waiting for the second render to finish and my daughter walked over. “Why has that dice got 7 spots on one side?” she asked. “That’s a good question, a very good question” I replied!

I’ve been making 7 spots and copying them to all the faces, then just deleting the spots not required for the side. Then forgot to delete the middle one for the six side, talk about “dicing” with embarrassment. Problem solved. (phew)


My son came home with this from school a couple of weeks ago, I’d never seen one before, but for games that use 2 dice this is a great idea.


Making music with SketchUp 2019.

While doing this I suddenly realised that scenes can now be renamed by the context menu on the scene tabs. A little feature I’ve always thought would be useful.