I wanted to export a sketchup 3D model to .dwg but keep getting the error msg. The .dwg files are empty

Hi there,
skp fileI am unable to export this model to .dwg. I keep getting the error message. When I view the exported file with the Autodesk viewer, it’s empty. I purged the file, asked SU to run a repair, and deleted tags that I ended up not using. The file is big. Is there anything I can do? Thank you!
In the error msg it says the model contains groups or components that contain non-orthogonal transformations. What does that mean and how can it be helped?

Have you tried various export options?

dwg export options

This model has a problem with the description of the how one(or more) of the components is scaled and rotated.

I suggest that you delete about half of the model, purge unused components, and try to export it again. If the export is successful then you know that the problem was within the half of the model that you deleted. Repeat until you have isolated the single item that is faulty.

Happy Hunting!

Yes, I tried a couple of setups, e.g. Autocad 2018 instead of release 14. Maybe not enough.

Thank you, I’ll try group by group.

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