Error when trying to Export as a 3d dwg

Ive been trying to export my model to link the file into Revit, however once I click export, I get this error message.
“This model contains one or more Groups or Component Instances that contain non-orthogonal transformations. Such transformations cannot be precisely mapped into AutoCAD and have been approximated.”

Ive tried to use Cleanup3 to clean up the model and I still get the same result.

Once I get to Revit, I get the error message that the file cannot be uploaded.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Hi @khayasf I have not run into this problem lately because I think SU22 is better at exporting. Maybe upgrade?

A better solution would be to link your Sketchup File directly in Revit, which seems to be more SU friendly these days. That way you can keep working in Sketchup and not have to stop to export CAD as your design develops.

I hope this helps!