Export 3D model to .dwg format

I have created a detailed 3D architectural plan in Sketchup Pro 2020 and exported the 3D model to .dwg (AuitoCAD) format. Sketchup says that this worked OK and its “Audit” feature syas that it worked “OK”
I am now trying to work with an architect who uses AutoDesk Revit software. He is unable to open my .dwg file in his Revit. Anyone with experience accomplishing this conversion?

Well, what do you mean by “open”? Revit doesn’t open DWG files, it only opens RVT models. It can insert CAD files as references or “mass objects” or import thrm into the Family Editor. Revit can only display face geometry (like what SketchUp objects are) but it cannot edit them in any way. SketchUp solid groups and components export as solids into AutoCad, and they have some editability when imported into the Family Editor in Revit, but original “curved” SketchUp surfaces come in as facetted into Revit.

Also check that you are exporting to a DWG version supported by the version of Revit that your architect is using.

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