3D Export bug? Can you export this model to DWG?

I kept getting the following error when attempting to export a model recently…

This model contains one or more Groups or Component Instances that contain non-orthogonal transformations. Such transformations cannot be precisely mapped into AutoCAD and have been approximated.

I gradually worked the entire model down to this one object which seems to cause the error. It is a simple component with just a box inside it.

Untitled.skp (12.2 KB)

The fix is simple… if you “Reset Scale” from the right click context menu, it exports fine.

The question is, why are we having this error? It seems to prevent export from completing properly in some instances.


Looks like you scaled the component without opening it for editing. That means the component definition didn’t get scaled. If it shows the size you want as it is, right click on it and choose Scale Definition to update the definition to these dimensions.

Best practice when scaling something like this is to either open the component for editing and scale the geometry inside it or immediately after scaling, remember to also scale the definition. Better to do that up front than chase this sort of thing down when you are trying to get a suitable export.

When I have scaled components in my model I don’t get that error message but there are errors in the Audit Report. There seems nothing wrong with the exported DWG.

If you scale an object with nested scaled and rotated objects, they might get ‘skewed’.
Skewed objects can only be ‘reset’ and not be ‘definitioned’.
Only exploding and then recreate the object would get rid of the skew (resetting will deform it back to the original, which might not be intended)