I want to use geo location but can't

Pro 2018
I try to use geo location - it says I must be logged in, check icon on lower left. I look there and I am logged in. After reading some posts, I tried to log out, but I have to pick a location I am going to. Really? Anyway, I try to log out to this forum, though none of the options apply, however it says, I can’t log out, my browser is too old, yet both my chrome and edge are the latest versions.
Manually entering the location from Google earth doesn’t open an image either. It want’s me to log in.

Oy vey.
How do I fix this catch 22?


The windows that use online features (add location, extension warehouse, generate report, 3d warehouse) have the same 28 day timer that a subscription user has for SketchUp itself. With a Classic license you don’t need to sign in unless you’re needing some online data. That does include what you might need need in order for Extension Manager to do its job, so it’s not surprising that you were already logged in. But, the web services don’t know that you have a Classic license, only that it’s been more than 28 days since you signed in.

Which means, sign out and sign in again, and that will reset the 28 days counter.

As I understand it, the Geo-location service no longer supports SketchUp 2018 per the “Current Minus Two” policy. Similar to the 3D Warehouse.

It won’t let me sign out. It says my web browsers are out of date. How do I get around that? Delete and reinstall? When i try to log out it wants me to go some where - is one better than another?


I see the same problem. Looking into it…

While I was checking into this I didn’t see the problem on Windows, but did see it on Mac. Now Mac is also ok.

Are you still seeing the problem?

I did restart windows, but no joy, this is what it says:

Then I uninstalled su pro 2018 - and I reinstalled it, and I had no internet connection, so I opened word pad as an admin, and changed the id file to bing.com. Tried to geo locate - same story as above, need to log on though I am logged in and the internet connection is “too old” to log out.

When I manually load in the location, no image appears. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a workaround?

While I am not happy Trimble is cutting off functions for the older pro version which I paid for, I don’t have enough use for SU to justify a subscription.

I do need the function so I can design a passive solar green house, to model the winter and summer solstices to design the solar mass’s location in the green house.