I want to make a hole in a wall to make a doorway


Why do you have to use the Push/Pull tool? If the walls don’t need to have any thickness, you don’t need to use the Push/Pull tool to create an opening for the door.


One other question: does push pull have to be done BEFORE you turn the faces into a group?


No. But after you create the group you’ll need to open the group for editing to use Push/Pull or make any other modifications to the geometry inside.


Because I need openings for the doors. The preliminary model is a setting (context) for the main model and every detail of it influences the model… except the wall thickness. Thanks. Yes, I thought I could group it, then open it. Cheers.


The confusion here is that you don’t pushpull an opening through a single 2D face. You just draw the shape of the opening onto the face, creating an “inner loop” face inside, and then erase the inner loop face.


Pushpull is a 3D extrusion tool. Applied to an inset face it will extrude that face out creating a box jutting from the larger face.


AS was mentioned before, if the walls have no thickness, you just delete the face inside the rectangle. Here’s an example, none of the walls have any thickness.


Ah! Now I see. Thank you for that. I knew of no other way to make a hole. So that’s great.


From about 2 hours ago:


Brilliant, DaveR. Thanks!


■■■■. Just weird things are happening now. I really don’t understand this program. I’ve done everything you’ve said and I’m just making a mess ofUSS (start) --2.skp (669.3 KB)
it. I wanted to make a hole for the door and the opening at the top of the stairs. :tired_face:


You somehow erased more of the faces than you intended. You can repair them by redrawing any edge using the line tool, as they are still planar and valid outlines, the face has just been erased.


But I think I’ve got it now. Anyway, I’m aborting this model and going to spend the evening practicing. I won’t be able to model anything until I know how to use the tools.


You may also be getting confused by the groups you have created. A group must be open for edit to alter the contents, otherwise they are isolated from any interaction except providing inference snaps.


Now this is going bad to worse. I had this a minute ago, now I can’t seem to replicate it. I can’t seem to follow the tutorials either. I need to know exactly what I’m supposed to click on to make the rectangle and where to click to remove it.

USS (start) --3.skp (672.6 KB)


Throw that model away and start again. Use a simple template so you can see what you are doing.


I think I’m going back to a pencil, ruler and the back of an old envelope, mate. I can’t stand this.


It’s not rocket science, everything is made of edges and faces. Draw the edges you want and pushpull/delete/move whatever.
Make groups and components to isolate geometry. Open the groups/components for editing if you want to change the geometry within them.
Here’s a very basic version of your model.


Wow. You make this stuff look so easy. I never thought to build like that. Because I work in wood, I think in separate sheets and batons. It would never have occurred to me to make blocks and cut stuff away. But how do you measure any of that? It needs to be accurate to make wood working plans from.


It’s alright to work that way in SketchUp when it is appropriate.

You can still lay it all out using guidelines or entering lengths as you draw or extrude faces.


Thank you.