How can I make an opening in a room wall so that I can "walk" through it?


Just want to make a rectangle wherever a door or window would be and be able to get “outside” the house or room and see into the next room.

Any thoughts as to how I can do that?



Draw a rectangle on the wall and push it through to the other side.


I thought that’s the way to do it but I’m just not quite there yet. All it does is stretch that part of the wall into the room or out into the yard, depending on where I am (inside or outside). Can you think of anything else I need to do?



You have to push it exactly to the opposite face of the wall for it to cut a hole. If you push beyond the other side, it will do just that.


My wall is 6" thick. So I start the push until I get in about 3" and then I enter 6" in the measurement box in bottom right corner of screen and press enter. I do this because I can never push to exactly 6". The only thing that seems to occur when I push 6" through a 6" wall is that my rectangle now shows up on the outside, too. But there’s no hole like I expected.

Any other thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong?



check that the back wall is parallel to the front wall. It can be off by just a little which will show your rectangle on the other side but the geometry wont work.
One way to check if wall lines are parallel is to turn on lines by color of axis.
Maybe your back wall is in another group?



Thank you for your help but it’s now over my head. I don’t know how to turn on lines by color of axis or see if it’s in another group. I think I did something early on in the drawing and don’t know how to clean it up. I think I’ll restart the drawing from scratch.



You always draw (your rectangle) in the current context. If you can double click on the wall you’ll be able to open the group for editing (changing the drawing context). Otherwise (if not a group or component) you would be able to select single edges and single faces of that wall.

To change to “Color: By axis” go to Styles > Edit > Edges > select Color: By axis


Color by Axis isn’t available in the web version.


Several options
Start the push pull then type the thickness of tje wall, hit ENTER
Start the push pull, continue to hold the left mouse button and locate the cursor along an edge of the window on the opposite side. Let go of the button when the cursor is correct. By doing so you’re telling SU that is the push pull distance by reference.


Click and release works better, then click and release to finish. Generally dragging things with the mouse is not a good workflow. Click and release set the cursor to that point allowing you to orbit, pan and zoom around the model then click and release to finish the action.


Yes. Agreed, they both can work. It just depends on whether you need to navigate in the middle of the function or not. Honestly, I’m not even sure when I do which as it has become a reflex action.

Also think it makes good sense here to mention that a push pull is repeatable by double clicking on another surface with the push pull tool. The last push pull is recalled by Sketchup to use on the new surface.


I spent years squeezing down on that mouse button…


Would you consider attaching the model you’re working with? It sounds like you may have some additional geometry that might be getting in the way of a clean push/pull (to clear out a face).


Thanks everyone! I did it again from scratch and was more careful and actually used some of the things I learned from you. Issue resolved.

Thanks again,