I want the 3d drawing of this picture

i want the 3d drawing of this picture.

Are you asking how to draw it? Or do you want to hire someone to do it for you?

What is it?

i want the easiest method to draw this diagram in 3d. how to draw this??

You need to give more details about this thing.

what are the details you want , actually i am new to this software.

Dimensions and more views of it.

You should start with learning the basics before you try to draw something like this whatever it is. If you are new to SketchUp, the instructions for drawing this will probably just confuse you.

New Microsoft Word Document (2).pdf (102.3 KB)

can u send the video, how you are drawing. it may be very useful to me.

Well, that’s some of the details. You can draw that shape with the basic tools. Draw the profile and use Follow Me to sweep it around a circular path. The three notches can be created by drawing a “cutter shape” and intersecting it with the cup shape. Work in meters and scale it down afterward to avoid running into a problem with very short edges.

What video? I haven’t started to draw it.

can you draw this drawing and send that video how you are drawing.

You don’t want much do you!

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i am learner of this software, if you give some tips to draw the easy way it will be useful to me for future.

As I told you before, start with the basic tutorials. You can find them at SketchUp.com

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ok thank you.,

Here are the necessary steps…

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That book of yours is going to be fantastic, Cotty. Can’t wait to see it :wink: