Can someone help with these drawings i need to make a 3d model out of it

i need to make a 3d model of these drawings and i am new to sketchup can someone guide me to make a 3d model

Tough question, you’ll need to start learning the program first and ask specific questions.
Although old, most of this user guide for SketchUp6 is still valid and it’s easy to read:

(the help articles for current version are a pain to digest)

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These drawings? I see only one.

Exactly what form are the drawings in? Your picture looks like a photograph of a screen display. Do you have a dxf or dwg format drawing file? Is it a bitmap image? Do you have any photos of the structure? Do you have any elevation data to go with the floor plan?

Exactly what do you know how to do? Anything? Are you a complete novice? Have you made any attempt to train yourself? Have you watched videos on the subject or done any reading?