2d to 3d model conversion

Hi, I am new to sketchUp and i want to learn specific part of creating 3d models from 2d models. I just want to learn how to create 3d models from 2d images and etc.

Please tell me the only lessons i need to do that thing. If there is any free course or something .


What kind of 3D models are you planning to make? Show us some examples of the @D images you have to work from.

No matter what, start with the basics. Learn how to use the tools first.

Also please answer the questions in your profile. What is the graphics card in your computer? “2” is not a useful answer. What version of Windows? What version of SketchUp Make? These things help us to help you. If you give useless information, we can’t help you.

Thank you so much Dave, since i am new here i didn’t knew profile questions were of that importance. I had answered them now.

I am planning to create 3d models of furnitures inside of a House,Room etc.
Like the objects in the picture given below

OK. Well, you need to start at the beginning and learn the fundamentals. Follow the link and click on the red button in the middle of the screen.

hi dave, I had completed the intro lessons and now i am able to draw basic models. Now please tell me where can i learn complex modelling , those involving curved shapes etc.

I want to draw furnitures involving complex shapes like cushions, sofas, curved tables and chairs etc.


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