3d modeling "irregular shape"

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This is more of a general question, not specifically for SketchUp:

How would a kind of irregular shape like this be modeled in 3D?

There aren’t supposed to be any “sharp” corners, everything should be as “smooth” as possible …

The shape is not quite as irregular as something organic, but still, I can’t figure our how to do this …

(By the way, this is just a quick drawing to explain the problem, not the actual reference that I use …)

Draw the outline shape, then draw profile of the edge and use follow me to run it around and then soften it all…perhaps?

Yes, that’s the way I would do it if the distance A and the distance B in my drawing were identical. (The “radius” of both curves)
But they are not.
The curve in the “side view” starts further back then the curve in the “top view”.

Then draw your side view shape accordingly. with a different curve on the top than the bottom. Then use follow me following the top view.

Not quite understanding this? the radius of each of the curves are different in this example?
Maybe you could elaborate.

Give me a minute, I’ll quickly make a better drawing …

This should maybe make it a bit clearer …

With Curviloft plugin


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That is amazing!
That is the most freaking awsome thing that I have ever seen!
I will download that plugin for sure!
Thank you very very very much!
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